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Agricultural applications

TitleTopicYearDownload paper
From fielddata to mapsPresentation at Pedometrics 2017 (Wageningen) on first results of our Drone borne gammaray detector2017

Soil sensing and yield improvement
on marginal soils in Spain

Soil mapping provides information on the variation in physical characteristics of agricultural fields. For the
EU Life+ project ‘Crops for better soil’ we developed a soil mapping tool consisting of a MS-1200
based gamma spectrometer and GPR on a 4x4car, which was able to map large and widespread areas fast and effectively.

Gamma Ray Sensor for
Topsoil Mapping
Reviewed paper on the use of radiometrics as a tool for soil mapping.2010
Soil parameters measured by GeophysicsTable showing the type of parameters that can be inferred from gammaray survey data2010
Crops for better soil

EU project CROPS FOR BETTER SOIL Presentation (a European project in Spain where the system is applied for soil mapping).

Multi Sensor Soil Sensing Tool for Farmland in Spain 

Medusa developed an efficient and effective soil sensing system (gamma-ray and GPR) on a 4x4 car to be able to measure >100 fields, 300 ha throughout the north of Spain in 3 weeks. The sensing data was combined with open data (DEM, geology) and soil sampling results (by UPM) to acquire information about soil texture, soil organic matter, tillage layer depth, compaction, altitude, slope, nutrients. This provided a good understanding of the soils and is a powerful communication tool for farmers and agronomists. 

This paper was presented at the EAGE near surface conference in Barcelona, 2016


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