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The Medusa Institute

In the year 2000 Medusa Explorations emerged as a spin-off from the nuclear physics lab of the University of Groningen with a mission: making scientific knowledge from the nuclear industry available for the geo-related industry. This mission was realized by conducting surveys, generating maps and by developing gamma-ray spectrometers. In the past years two companies emerged: Medusa Radiometrics and Medusa Explorations.

Medusa Radiometrics creates gamma-ray survey systems for geophysical applications and leads the way in the application of new detector materials and novel data analysis methods to make detectors smaller, more robust and user friendly.

Medusa Explorations applies gamma-ray sensors for mapping properties of soil and sediment and is expert in developing application models for mapping grain size, texture and pollution of soils and sediments.

Now, the time has come to bring our developments and knowledge back to the scientific world. We (re)joined forces with KVI-CART of the University of Groningen. We invested in a PhD track on developing a gamma-ray spectrometer for drones. We started to share our knowledge on this WIKI site and...

we started The Medusa Institute.

This Medusa Institute bundles our knowledge developed by Medusa Radiometrics and Medusa Explorations in our joint ambition: better sensors, better applications.

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