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Innovation projects

As a high-tech company, research and development is at the very heart of what we do. Over the past 20 years, we have invested heavily in radiometric research and product development – investments in projects that almost always include collaborations with research institutes, universities and colleague companies. In all these R&D collaborations, sharing knowledge has been the most important key to success! We love the “European” approach of not being afraid of sharing technological insights with our business partners or even with our competitors – at the end we all benefit!

This page gives an overview of our current and past research projects that we conducted in collaboration with other parties.

Name of the projectProgrammeExternal partnerStart dateEnd
5G-ENABLED DRONE-BORNE RADIATION MAPPEREBG 5G PilotregelinG 2021-2022Economic Board Groningen2022
Radon DroneVIA 2021 plus individueelSNN2022
Researchgroup GROUND Expertise by Data - GROUNDEDSIASaxion Hogeschool20232026
Development of Radiometric Methods and Modelling for Measurement of Sediment Transport in Coastal Systems and Rivers CRP F22074IAEA2022
BOVER (Bodemverdichting Verdiept)2021 TKI WENR 28Wageningen Environmental Research (WenR)2022
RhoC 4.0 soil density meterKIEM 2021Aeres Landbouw hogeschool, Dronten2021
Enhancing Agricultural Resilience and Water Security Using Cosmic Ray Neutron SensorCRP D12014IAEA2019

A new, non-invasive tool for rapid site characterization and post-remedial monitoring of contaminated aquatic sediments



US DOD, Partrac Geomarine2019
A new sensor for measuring sedimentVIA, VI19IN042SNN20192021
Flevo-Land in bewegingRAAKAeres Landbouw hogeschool, Dronten20172022
Development of a new generation of gamma-ray spectrometersKEISNN20172021
A radiation sensor for dronesVIA, VI16IN028SNN20162017
Crops for better SoilLife+
SOIMON, New Fast and Reliable Technology for Soil Inspection in Contaminated Sites with Machinery Condition MonitoringEU SEVENTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME


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