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Application models

Applications models are the models used to translate the concentrations of radionuclides to the parameter of interest. In most of our applications, the concentrations of radionuclides serve as a proxy and most parameters are measured indirectly, only some parameters are measured directly.

The utilization of gamma-ray sensors for soil mapping purposes is a common practice in the field. The most frequently measured radionuclides include naturally occurring ones such as 40K, 238U, and 232Th, as well as man-made radionuclides like 137Cs, which are often byproducts of fission reactions. In order to convert these measurements into meaningful soil properties, application models are employed.

The scientific field that focuses on developing and refining application models for geophysical sensor technologies, particularly in relation to soil analysis, is known as pedometrics. This branch of study explores the various methods and techniques involved in interpreting sensor data to derive accurate and reliable information about soil characteristics. By harnessing the power of pedometrics, researchers and professionals in the field of soil science are able to make informed decisions and gain a deeper understanding of soil properties through the use of gamma-ray spectrometers and other sensing technologies.

The application models used to measure earth are based on statistical models. Often, the principle why these data are correlated is understood. Depending on the mechanism, the models can be used on a regional scale, or should be determined for every site. Examples are parameters as median grainsize (for sediments) and clay content. The model for mapping clay, for example, depends on geology. This model can be used for the Netherlands as a whole (which is one geological region), but models for clay that are found to be valid for dutch soils are not necessarily valid for soils in Spain. The actual translation between radionuclides and soil properties therefore needs to be re-established again for each new, geologically different region.

Application models

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