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Visiting Medusa - where to stay and how to get there?

Medusa is situated on the south-east side of Groningen - a lively student city, about 200km to the west of Bremen and 200km to the north of Schiphol Airport. With its population of about 200,000 of which 40,000 students, you can imagine there is enough to do in Groningen during, and after working hours!

Often people that need to visit us, for instance for doing a calibration, ask us for tips or info on places to stay the night. Although Groningen has several fine hotels, sometimes in the middle of one of the several festivals we have it may be hard to find a good place to stay!

Below you will find a few that we have used before, to host our visitors. 

How to get there

Medusa can easily be reached either by car (check google maps) or by train. Groningen has its own airport (Groningen Airport Eelde, GAE) that connects the city to several places like London, Kopenhagen and Munich. Most people would fly into Schiphol Airport, though. From Schiphol it is very easy to get to Groningen. When you leave the airport, you will enter the trainstation. Every 30mins there is a train leaving for Groningen, one of every 2 is a direct train. The ride is about 2:20 hours. In Groningen, one of us will pick you up, or you can take a cab that are outside the station.

Hotels in the city centre

In the centre of the city you will find several fine hotels. 

The ones we can recommend are Hampshire City Centre (about 400m away from the city centre, very convenient and they have a private parking below the building)

Hotel de Doelen (right in the middle of the city - the shortest walk to the bars and restaurants, but impossible to get to by car)

The Martini Hotel - also very close to the city centre, but they do have parking space behind the hotel.

The Asgard hotel is a modern hotel with convenient rooms and has a good breakfast with local products.


Hotels a bit outside

The Paleis, formerly art of the University Chemistry faculty, now has been transformed in a very nice hotel. You can get a nice room at relatively good rates, in a part of town that is rapidly developing and very hip!

To the southside of the city, on the borders of Lake Paterswolde, you'll find the Hampshire hotel Plaza. A big, good-priced and very convenient hotel. Lots of parking space available and in-house facilities for sportspeople. And they have bikes you can rent!

Last but not least, and closest to the Medusa office, you will find Bastion hotel Groningen. Just 400m away from our office, easy to reach and relatively affordable. 


If you stay longer than one or two days, it may be more convenient to find an apartment. We have AirBNB in Groningen, you could check that out. The ones below we have experienced before and are nice.

One of our guests stayed in CITY APARTMENTS on the rim of the city centre. He was pretty enthusiastic about the place!

Other nice places are easy to find - check AirBNB or

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