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Drone-borne mapping

TitleTopicYearDownload paper
PhD thesis Steven van der VeekeUAV-borne radioelement mapping: towards a guideline and verification methods for geophysical field measurements2023RUG library
GIMSoil Mapping with Drones2022
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity articleOptimizing gamma-ray spectrometers for UAV-borne surveys with geophysical applications2021
Journal of Environmental Radioactivity articleFootprint and height corrections for UAV-borne gamma-ray spectrometry studies2021
Fast Times articleDrone-borne gamma-ray spectrometry – a dream come true!2020
First Break article

Towards drone-borne gammaray mapping of soils

EAGE NSE-2018 invited talkA drone as platform for airborne gamma-ray surveys to characterize soil and monitor contaminations2018
EAGE NSE-2018 extended abstractDrone-borne surveying with spectrometers - case studies2018

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