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Borehole logging applications

TitleTopicYearDownload paper
Towards better borehole logsA paper presented at the SAGA 2015 conference held in South Africa, September '15. The paper discusses a new approach to correcting spectral gamma data taken in boreholes. It is our aim to arrive at a worldwide interconnected series of calibration pits for spectral gamma borehole tools allowing proper inter comparison of data.2015

Towards a global network of gamma-ray detector

calibration facilities

Gamma-ray logging tools are applied worldwide. At various locations, calibration facilities are used to calibrate these gamma-ray logging systems. Several attempts have been made to cross-correlate well known calibration pits, but this cross-correlation does not include calibration facilities in Europe or private company calibration facilities. Our aim is to set-up a framework that gives the possibility to interlink all calibration facilities worldwide by using ‘tools of opportunity’–tools that have been calibrated in different calibration facilities, whether this usage was on a coordinated basis or by coincidence.

>> Paper published in Exploration Geophysics. Check

Tech preview SupertoolA preview paper on a novel borehole tool we developed. The tool has a CeBr3 crystal connected to a small footprint multichannel analyzer board. the paper shows the specs of the tool that exceed industry standard tools by at least a factor of 2!2015
When every count countsPaper on how to get the most out of your spectra gamma log data. Published in the Wireline magazine of Marcus Chatfield2014
Radon in boreholesCase study of the power of full spectrum analysis to find the cause for apparent high 238U count rates in
a borehole measurement. Radon is seen to be the cause

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