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Airborne mapping

TitleTopicYearDownload paper
Medusa MapsPDF of a powerpoint containing sample maps taken with our MS-4000.2015
Towards lightweight airborne
gammaray spectroscopy

Whitepaper on the first "big-time" airborne survey done with a MS-4000 4L crystal system. Survey done for URAMAD (Madagaskar), in total about 80,000 line kms were surveyed yielding over 40 confirmed 238U anomalies

Benchmarking a small
footprint detector system
A comparison between airborne data taken by traditional 4x4L systems and a MS-4000. Collaboration between BGR (Germany), Terraquest Ltd (Canada) and Medusa Sensing BV2011
SkyTEM Multi Geophysical Airborne SurveysTechnology paper on the SkyTEM integration of MS-4000 on the SkyTEM frame2013
EAGLEPresentation of first-ever microlight AGRS survey! The test was done together with the South African Counsil for Geoscience under supervision of dr. Edgar Stettler, dr Henk Coetzee and prof. dr. Rob de meijer. On the side you find both the presentation and the report on this survey.1997

3rd party papers

TitleTopicYearDownload paper
UMC financial statement

Confirmation by UMC Energy PLC of the value of the MS-4000 data taken in Madagaskar
in 2007 and 2008.

Hunt for heavy metalFugro publication on joint Fugro-Medusa zinc slag project in De Kempen area. Published in
the Fugro internal newspaper Cross Section
Bakkie of the SkiesSouthafrican publication on a gyrocopter-based installation of a MS-4000 system2012
Archeologisch gebruikslandschap
slim en snel in kaart
(Dutch) paper on the use of gammaray scanning of topsoil for archeological purposes.2015
Veranderingen in een 17de eeuws grafveld op Spitsbergen door dooiende permafrost(Dutch) paper on mapping the depth of permafrost at Svalbard with different geophysical methods. The MS-1000 was used for mapping purposes. 2019

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